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Tool-Free Installation & Split Joint Connection LED linear lights by Brother Lux

Tool-Free Installation & Split Joint Connection LED linear lights by Brother Lux

Brother Lux (HK) Co.,Ltd Just Launched the latest LED Linear lights called LINKLINE.
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Which now just less than 5 factories could make this model linear lights.It has the The Tool-free installation and Split joint connection functions.This could save the Customers’ installation cost.
What’s the benefits of LED Linear system?

About Optics & Electronics:

*6 kinds of light distributions suitable for different applications, making the best usage of light.

*Using high brightness LEDs to make the light with high lumen output.

*Power of the driver is adjustable, making the driver easy to use and convenient to stock.

*Adopting the brand driver TRIDONIC’s solution for power supply, accomplishing no stroboscopic, high quality, high performance and high stability.

About Structural Design:

*Easy to install without any tool, which means saving both time and cost.

*Modules and trunking rails are flexible to order and make a perfect set of system.

*Modules are easy to replace, available to make continuous full lighting modules , discontinuous lighting with blind covers, or lighting modules with function modules.

*With L-type, T-type and X-type node connector for multi-directional connections.

*Requiring minimal wiring points compared with individual luminaires.

About Function:

*2 kinds of dimming functions available, 1-10V dimming and DALI dimming.

*Emergency function available, with automatic battery status detecting.

*Track light module for customers to install the track light.

*Multi-function sensor, including PIR sensor and daylight sensor

Flexible Module Systems: (Any problems with module, change another one, don’t have to buy another whole fixture), Flexible Modules Options:(Need any function modules, just Change a function module.)
Tool-free installation and Connection:

LINKLINE requires minimal wiring joints compared to the installation with individual luminaires, which can drastically reduce labour costs and efforts