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How to choose the Right Led lamps?

How to choose the Right Led lamps?

Nowadays, there are a lot of LED Bulbs in the market. they are coming with different shape, different prices, different brands. Those may make the customers confused how to choose the right LED Bulbs and LED Spots.

LED Bulbs:

1:Heat Dissipation

One of the most telling aspects to a LED bulb when it comes to quality is how well the bulb dissipates heat.A common misconception is that LED bulbs don’t get warm, but this is not correct. They are not as hot as incandescent bulbs,but they do produce heat. Unfortunately LEDs can’t radiate this heat away in the same way as an incandescent bulb.Normally The heat sink absorbs the heat produced and then dissipates into the surrounding environment.

If the heat sink doesn’t design well, the LED will overheat and probably burn out. There are many different designs solution for heat sinks, which is why the appearance of LED bulbs so much difference between brands. So in our experience better LED bulbs will utilise ceramics or aluminium, but this alone does not make them a market leader!

2: Chip Set
A poor chip will generate more heat, and will not last long. Better bulbs will use chips from better manufacturers it kind of goes with out saying you get way you pay for, and this is 100% true with LED lighting, if you buy a GU10 very cheap, you should probably question the quality of the chip set used.

3: Power Driver
The driver regulates the power entering the LED’s, ensuring that the bulb operates optimally and does not overheat. In an MR16, this device will be found in the light switch or in the fitting, because the bulb does not have an inbuilt driver. GU10s have an inbuilt driver and therefore do not need an external device.