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How Should Chinese Factories to be more professional & give the best service to their customers?

How Should Chinese Factories to be more professional & give the best service to their customers?

From our experience to do the foreign trade business with our customers, we found there are a lot of problems between the customers and the factories.

1: No patience to talk with customers.

Now many Chinese factories, when they got the inquiry emails or the Phone call from the customers, they are lacking of patience to listen to the the customers requirements very carefully. They just want to told the customer. OK, please don’t know talk too much, you asked the prices, then gave us the order. we do it for you,that is it. they never to think about the position of customers, they don’t know that many customers they are not end users, they are the Middle man, they will submit the quotation, the products information to their customers. then wait for the final results from their customer, during this period we have to be patient.

2: Very lazy to do as the customer required.

If the customers asked please give me some beautiful pictures, specs, catalog, Etc. they never understand what the customers want. like pictures, they never think about to ask some professional photographer to take some beautiful pictures to send to customers, they just use their own phone to take some rough picture to give the customers. They never know that the customers will need these beautiful pictures to do their own brochures, or do marketing promotion.

3: Factories always try to ask the customers to accept their ideas if they changed something.

Many factories always take customers’s need as granted, when they changed some customers design solution, they don’t tell customer, they may think, we just changed a little things, will not affect the function. but this is really a very terrible problem if they do so. because this may ruin the customers whole projects or marketing solution. so when we need to change anything of the customers requirements, we must talk with customers carefully, and explain them carefully to customers, even customers don’t accept it, we have to do as the customers requirements. if we can not do, just tell the customer truth, we can not do it.

Just some small tips to share with some factories by Brother Lux Innovation, hope these could be helpful for some factories do a better service to customers.