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What is the LEDs? and why should convert Traditional lightings to LED?

What is the LEDs? and why should convert Traditional lightings to LED?

Traditional lightings uses a lot of power, but it could be very easy to change thankfully. Now many people are just thinking about should they change their Lighting to be LEDs? but could not easily to make the final decision. Why?

Because they dont know too much about LEDs, they think LEDs is more expensive compared with the traditional versions. also there are some other questions surrounding LEDs, can LED be dimming? Are they stable quality?

No worries, we will give you some short answers to make you more clear about the LEDs:

The first things of LED is its prices, Yes, it is expensive, but it is clean, it is solid lightings. the most important thing is can help you to save the electricity power, which will make the money pay back to you.

Let us see the structure of the LED lightings. it can be seperated with 5 parts: LED Chips, Driver, Housing, PCB board and base.

LED chips quality now is very stable, not easy to be failed, the big brands in the world has CREE, Philips, Osram,


LED Drivers is the most weak part of the lamps, In China the big brands are Meanwell, MOSO, Lifud DarkEnergy.

and some other small driver company, Driver could be divided into Isolated power solution and Non-Isolated solution. Isolated driver could be more safe, but price will also be higher, because it use more components to make the driver to be safe. Non Isolated solution, will be cheaper, and the transfer efficiency will be higher.

Also the driver has the dimmable version for customer choose.