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2.5Inch Bluetooth Speaker LED Downlight

Product Specification

2.5inch dowmlight AC220-240V 6W+2W 2-step dim(100%-0%) 2700K 380LM±10% PF:0.5

1: Diameter: Φ84.5×76mm
2: Lamp Weight: 180g±3g
3: Color: White
4: Cover Material: PC(diffuse)
5: Dimmable: Yes
6: Beam angle: 110º
7: LED: SMD2835 1W 6PCS
8: Lifetime: 25000H(Ta=25 ºC)
9: IP: IP20
10: Work temp: -20ºC~+40ºC
11: Work Humidity: 10%~65%
12: Storage temp: -30ºC~+70ºC
13: Storage Humidity: 10%~90%
14: Package: Neutral packing


Test conditionsThe test data is based on rated voltage input and under environment 25ºC ± 1ºC. after0.5h
 Item Name Unit Min. Typical Max. Remark
Input voltage V AC220 AC230 AC240
Input current mA 25 40 60
System  consumption W 5.5 6.0 6.5
Power factor PF 0.5 0.55 /
Frequency range Hz 47 50 53
Efficiency % 75 80 /


Test Conditions:At rated voltage input and 25ºC ± 1ºC use of the environment after0.5h
Test item Unit Min Typ Max Remark
CCT K 2500 2700 2850 Warm White2700K
2850 3000 3150 Warm White 3000K
3800 4000 4200 Natural white 4000K
5500 6000 6500 Daylight White 6000K
Color Rendering Ra ≥80 Warm White2700K
≥80 Warm White 3000K
≥80 Natural white 4000K
≥80 Daylight White 6000K
Lumen Lm 380LM±10% Warm White2700K
380LM±10% Warm White 3000K
400LM±10% Natural white 4000K
400LM±10% Daylight White 6000K
Efficiency Lm/W ≥70 Warm White2700K
≥70 Warm White 3000K
≥75 Natural white 4000K
≥75 Daylight White 6000K
Beam angle º 100 110 /
Intensity cd / / /
Chromaticitytolerance SDCM ≤6 Warm White2700K
Warm White 3000K
Natural white 4000K
Daylight White 6000K
LED VF V 45 46 47
LED VA MA 25 /


Surge Voltage(Max)

(Differential mode test &L/N)

Hi pot Voltage(MAX) AC3KV


1、 Warranty:
Do not use chemical liquid volatile alcohol, gasoline or other products, such as corrosive liquids to clean, or easy to make damage to the product, thus affecting the life of the product.
2. Warning::
(1). When using this product, please note that the high-pressure safety, make sure the AC wiring is cut off state.
(2). Check all circuit after the product must be complete in order to energize the installation is complete no problem.
(3). Maintenance of lamps must be professional and technical personnel, non-professionals do not disassemble lamps.
(4). Products in non-confined environment, can not be covered in any insulation.
(5)Long time exposure to sunlight or UV can cause the gum to discolor.
(6)Please do not use together with the materials containing Sulfur.
(7)Please do not assemble in conditions of high moisture and/or oxidizing gas such as Cl, H2S,NH3,SO2,NOX,etc


2.5inch die cut line

2.5inch down light install

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