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Waterproof LED Floodlight

Product Specification

LED (SMD) floodlight is a new type of LED lighting light source,LED. High thermal conductivity,
light failure is small, light color purity, no ghosting, energy saving, environmental protection, long
service life. Adopt constant current constant voltage control, power supply with high efficiency.


1. High quality 2835 SMD LED ,high Light effects, high color rendering index.
2. Unique design with patent,integration of aluminum alloy die-casting forming.
3. Honey-combed transfer thermal design, integration of the advanced die-casting forming, high cooling.
4. Design with drain holes backside,stop rain and output water.
5. Standard Internal wire, improved production process, no longer use white silica gel.


Warehouse,gas station,supermarket,exhibition, gym,mall,conference room, market.


* Any wire damage should be replaced by qualified professional person to avoid dangerous occurs.
* Please cut down the input power supply once the lamp works abnormal.
* Please take measures of lightning protection, and ensure the Input voltage which is stable.
* Pls put the lamp under the dry, ventilated and clean circumstance, and clean and maintain regularly.
* Don’t disassemble by yourself, avoid the electric shock as there is high voltage inside the lamp.


Please ask the professional electrician when installing.And the ways of connecting of 3*0.75MM2 wires
is that Brown is firing line,Blue is null line,Yellow is earth line.


Our product all use constant current power supply,warranty for 2 years.
Remark:The warranty on the base of right storing way,right installing way,right using way,right maintaining way.Any broken out of our rule,out of our warranty.During the warranty time,we canchoose repairing,replacing parts or replacing the whole products according the detail information.
And we’ll charge the customers some material fee and labor cost if the product out of our warranty time.

10W SMD Floodlight

20W SMD Floodlight

30W SMD Floodlight

50W SMD Floodlight

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